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Mariano Rossano Born in Naples, Italy, in 1955, lives in Rome since 1960.

Graduated in 1974 at IV Liceo Artistico of Rome, he attended classes of Art History at the University La Sapienza of Rome in the years 1977-1979.

In late 70's he founded, together with other painters, poets and writers, the art group of  S. Agata dei Goti, which had it's own gallery in Rome. The work of this group has been acknowledged as an important cultural event that followed the Transavanguardia.

At the beginning of the 80's, Rossano starts his own independent research that lead him to a pure black and white painting and to a silent, lyric and evocative abstraction that he named Astrazione povera (Poor Abstraction). This new idea was followed by other painters (Antonio Capaccio, Mimmo Grillo, Rocco Salvia) and was supported by many critics. Among the latter, Filiberto Menna, an important critic of abstract art, theorized this movement and organized several exhibitions in Italy as well as abroad.

In those years Rossano collaborated with La Salita Gallery in Rome, where artists such as Richard Serra, Christo, Sandro Chia and Alberto Burri had previously showed their works.

He was invited in 1986 to the Quadriennale of Rome, where he showed five paintings, and in 1988 to the Biennale of Venice, where he showed three large paintings and one sculpture. He participated to other important exhibitions including Nuove Geometrie (Milan, 1986). 

Some of Rossano's paintings were acquired by italian public galleries, such as the Galleria Comunale di Arte Contemporanea of Rome, Museo di Arte Contemporanea of Umbertide and Galleria di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Spoleto. In 1988, M. Rossano painted the largest wall-paint (24 x 6 m) of Rome in the shopping center "Cinecitta 2".

M. Rossano published several drawings in the most important italian literary periodical, Nuovi Argomenti, in 1989 and in 1992. In the 90's, he introduced figurative elements and colors in his works, although maintaining the usual spare elegance.

During the 2000 years several Mariano's drawings has been published on the italian newspaper La Repubblica along with some contemporary writers' novels.

At present, he continues to work on the boundaries between figurative and abstract painting.

Wrote of him

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